Although many bearing manufacturers make label and package ball and rollers as “Made in USA”, this can be misleading.  These are usually foreign components that are simply assembled in the USA.

American Made Bearings

You must always asked for a signed certification to the particular DFARS clause (see DFARS page), cited in insure you are providing domestically produced products and that you are in compliance with contract requirements.

In today’s profit driven market bearing suppliers will routinely try to steer customers to foreign produced items.

Even to the extent of declaring that certain parts of “No longer produced in the United States”.  This is simply not true as many American bearing manufacturers stand ready and willing to supply 100% domestic products.

Foreign ball and roller bearing manufacturers have simply undercut and slashed prices in order to capture USA market share.  We have seen this in many industries throughout the USA, such as autos, electronics, etc...

Ambearco offers assistance for properly sourcing your requirements for domestic ball and roller bearings.



Bruce Dumas